Services Tailored to Your Needs


Because we offer a variety of services, we prefer to talk with clients so they can get the package or individual service that will best fit their needs. The list below shows the available services and their corresponding prices:

Drone still photos will begin at $100.00 for 10 photos.

Drone video footage will begin at $100.00 for approximately 1 minute.

Drone photos and video footage begins at $150.00 for 10 photos and 2 minutes of footage.

Still Camera photography will begin at $100.00 for house interior/exterior and landscape pictures.

Still Camera photography will begin at $50.00 for land/lot pictures.

A full video tour with still photos, drone photos/footage and music will begin at $300.00 for approximately a 2 minute video.

We can also offer our clients other services like adding on to a prior virtual tour or creating virtual tours from photos or videos you already may have!

*All photos and videos can be MLS compliant to upload to your real estate listing.

*Price includes a one-time round-trip travel to a property within 15 miles of downtown Loveland, CO. For each additional mile to the location, an additional fee will be charged. For clients in a remote or distance location, I’m willing to work out travel expenses with you.




Our Services

We offer a wide variety of photography-related services to meet your needs. If you need a service that isn’t listed here, please contact us.

Still Photography of Home Interior and Exterior
Still Photography of Land/ Lots
Full Real Estate Virtual Tours, Video, Music, and Realtor Branding
Drone Photos and Video
Roof Inspections
Going the Extra Mile for Amazing Photos and Video