Videos and Photography by Land or by Sky


We specialize in photography and videos for the real estate market, but we can create custom photography packages to meet other projects as well. To meet your needs, we offer a wide variety of services from small projects to video packages that include still photography, drone footage and music.  A pricing list is available so you can choose exactly what you need.  For services in a remote or distant location, I’m willing to work out travel expenses with you.


We can also provide other services such as adding on to a former virtual tour or creating virtual tours from photographs and videos that you may already have!


Real Estate

Don’t just settle for average still photos of a house, land or property.  I’m here to take photos and aerial footage so you can have a higher-quality listing. We’ll turn the still photos and drone footage into a professional-style virtual tour that has movement and music.  

Promote your business

Have you always wanted a unique way in promoting your business? Aerial photography and videography may be what you are looking for! 


If there are any events in your town or city, we can do that too! we’ll take photos and drone aerial footage so you can promote it before, during or after the event. Ask us ahead of time, so we can have time to acquire any necessary waivers or exceptions from the FAA.